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Convoluted Mattress Topper (Egg Mattress)

Convoluted Mattress Topper (Egg Mattress)

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Upgrade your sleep experience with our Convoluted Mattress Egg Box Topper - the perfect addition to enhance comfort and support for a rejuvenating night's rest. Ideal for both improving the feel of your existing mattress and providing relief for those recovering from procedures or spending extended periods in bed, our topper is crafted from high-density open-cell, breathable foam in a unique "egg-box" or convoluted design.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Comfort and Support: Transform your mattress into a haven of comfort by adding our Convoluted Topper. The high-density open-cell foam in an "egg-box" design provides superior pressure point relief, offering the support your body needs for a restful sleep.

  2. Perfect for Recovery and Extended Bed Rest: Whether you're recovering from a procedure or spending prolonged periods in bed, our topper assists in reducing pressure sores and provides a supportive surface for improved well-being.

  3. Improved Blood Flow and Circulation: The convoluted design not only enhances comfort but also promotes better blood flow and circulation. Experience a revitalizing sleep with improved overall health benefits.

  4. Easy to Use and Portable: Simply place the topper on top of your existing mattress for an instant upgrade. The portable design allows you to enjoy the benefits of enhanced comfort wherever you go.

  5. Proudly South African: Our Convoluted Topper is proudly manufactured in South Africa, ensuring top-notch quality and craftsmanship. Support local and experience the difference of a product designed for your comfort.

Available Sizes:

  • Single: 1880mm x 910mm x 50mm
  • SingleXL: 2000mm x 910mm x 50mm
  • Three Quarter: 1880mm x 1070mm x 50mm
  • Three QuarterXL: 2000mm x 1070mm x 50mm
  • Double: 1880mm x 1370mm x 50mm
  • DoubleXL: 2000mm x 1370mm x 50mm
  • Queen: 1880mm x 1520mm x 50mm
  • QueenXL: 2000mm x 1520mm x 50mm
  • King: 1880mm x 1830mm x 50mm
  • KingXL: 2000mm x 1830mm x 50mm

What's in the Box: 1 x Convoluted Mattress Topper

Elevate your sleep quality with the Convoluted Mattress Topper - a perfect blend of comfort, support, and South African craftsmanship. Order now and experience the luxury of a well-rested night!

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